The most effective service to obtain the opinions of your customers on your establishment

The fastest and most efficient system

Obtain the opinion of your clients within 30 seconds. Tested by more than 4000 users

More than 60 questions in 9 languages

To find out what your customers really think.
We speak the language of your customers

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With the logo of your company

Preserve your company's identity and add your company logo

Emails and suggestions from your customers

Improve through suggestions from your customers. Communicate with them through mail

A solution, not a problem

The Byom! Touch device is the most effective solution to obtain a large number of reviews per month

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Without downloads

Your customers won't have to download or scan anything, they can just reply via the Byom! touch device

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Byom! Touch device

We eliminate all barriers that can withhold the customer from giving their opinion on your establishment

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It has proven its effectiveness and accuracy

Obtain an average of 200 opinions per month from users who have actually been in your establishment

A 100% personalised service

Configure everything which you deem necessary to get as many opinions a month as possible

Administration Panel . View all opinions, your average grade(s) and compare your establishments


You can see your average grade, the weekly or daily changes, your NPS grade, you can read the comments and manage your customers' emails.

See more about the administration panel

Highest number of opinions. Obtain more opinions than with any other methods.


Making your customer comfortable sending you their feedback, increasing the amount of opinions per month.

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In the following video we'll explain how Byom!, the most effective service to get to know how your customers feel about your establishment, works.